Session Work

Molly has worked as a session singer on a number of different projects from performing in accapella groups to singing on dance tracks. Molly has the ability to be able to know what style is needed to enhance the track, whether it be a soft jazzy tone or powerful funk vocals. She is also able to quickly come up with interesting melody lines and harmonies and is able to improvise which makes her an asset during the writing process or if called up last mintue.

Recording for highly acclaimed producer ' Lack Of Afro' that was used to be broadcast on CSI on American television.

Some of the projects Molly has worked on include the following:



David Greig's critically acclaimed touring theatre production 'The Events' (pictured bottom right)


Dance 4s creative arts performing project 'Bodies In Flight - Gymnast' 


ITVs' award winning Fixers 'Suffer In Silence' and 'Common Ground'


Various American commercials with highly acclaimed music producer Lack Of Afro


Reggie Watts' improvised musical performance for 'The Bristol Jam'


Independent music producer Wakeless 'Break From Hell', 'Best I've Ever Seen' and 'Head In Hands'.