"I loved your session! I loved your session! It’s the best alternative therapy I’ve ever experienced"

Deepti Baht 22.04.22

I had the opportunity to attend one of Molly's workshops. What stood out for me was how singing in a group gave me a unique experience and a sense of calmness and joy after the workshop. I loved singing the healing sounds in a group, it is an experience you only come to know when you sing in a group. I am not into singing at all, and was a little bit shy in the beginning, but Molly is a natural teacher, and she makes everyone comfortable. Her workshops are for anyone who is looking forward to experiencing something unique, something that brings peace in the company of some wonderful people and a great teacher!



Owen Gent 20.04.22 

The workshop I did with Molly was wonderful! She held the space and the people within it beautifully and shared a varied selection of bespoke harmonies that really resonated with myself and the group. I left the workshop feeling enriched, refreshed, calmed and informed about the importance of song and breathwork as a means of connection with myself and others, I couldn't recommend Molly and her work enough!



Vic Heynes 20.04.22 

I really loved Molly's harmony workshop. The evening setting sitting in a circle around a firepit in Molly's garden felt a bit magical to be honest. We started off with some breathing exercises and then Molly taught us parts of the song and harmonies in chunks. As an inexperienced singer who can't read music this worked really well and I couldn't believe how quickly we were able to learn and sing in harmony. It sounded amazing and felt lovely.


Hilary Kinch 20.04.22

Molly's workshop was just wonderful. There were many beautiful moments of connection through breathing and voice, thoughtfully crafted by Molly. It was an uplifting and comforting experience.



Jasmine Jenkin 25.03.22

Molly’s workshop is a journey for the voice through chant, embodiment, breathwork and observation. A truly soulful way to connect to your own wisdom. Heart led and eloquently delivered by Molly. Absolutely wonderful to feel the vibrations of song in a group, still singing the songs that Molly wrote, harmonised, and taught us everyday. Thank you, I would highly recommend the experience.



Anna Findlay 22.03.22

I was lucky enough to attend two of Molly’s workshops in March 2022. 

One was round a campfire singing as we star gazed. The other was as part of a group of 14 people in a studio. 

Molly’s professionalism and calm, patient manner meant that she created a very relaxed atmosphere. We were able explore singing and breathing as a part within a group, then as a whole  group. 

Molly even wrote us a bespoke song about sea swimming, which she taught us to sing in 3 part harmony. We also learnt breathing techniques relating to different organs of the body. A sort of sound yoga. 

This is something definitely outside my comfort zone but I loved it! Empowering and fun! Thank you Molly. More please. I highly recommend Molly and her workshops. 



Miranda Mumford 17.03.22

Hi Molly Miranda!
I loved your session! I loved your session! It’s the best alternative therapy I’ve ever experienced.
I used to go to a choir before COVID and I haven’t restarted since lockdown ended so I’m definitely going to go back now. 
So here’s a funny story, I have experienced 2 profound revelations and they have both been linked to music. 
The first was 2 years ago at a gospel wedding. I had had a very rocky time personally and the music stirred me so much and I remember feeling a deep calmness and a conviction that everything was going to be ok. I felt a very similar though today. I spoke at the weekend about the gospel wedding experience because it was such an extraordinary thing to have happened. I couldn’t believe that it happened today again. So, I don’t really know how to explain it clearly but I imagine that you will get the gist from this message. I would love to attend one of your workshops in the future especially if you offer a retreat. 
Anyway, it was such a lovely experience to have met you. I hope that I meet you again and good luck with the business. I have absolutely no doubt that it will be a success and benefit many people along way xxx

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